Young Widowed And Dating

Young widows are intrinsically wonderful. Nature gifted them with everything necessary for making the world more perfect with their presence. And first it naturally concerns personal relations - dating and marriage.

During the period of courtship for his future bride a man is happy because he knows that his beloved one spent three hours for making herself look extremely sexy. Living with her already having a status of a wife, under one roof he becomes embarrassed when seeing a thousand make-up tubes in a bathroom, suffers without a fresh soup and kicks a silent washing-machine waiting for clean socks. Having chosen a young widowed for dating a western man avoids this critical problem – a choice of a ‘girlfriend’ for a ‘wife’ status.

Family and housing cares are also an integral part of life, that’s why they shouldn’t confuse or brood a real young widow.

To cook a dinner, to clean a flat, to start a colossal washing, to put flower-beds and garden-beds in order, to sew something, to clean, to iron and solve a hundred more of little problems - all this is so natural and so characteristic of a woman’s nature itself that it makes one just admire and value endlessly such manifestations of it. It is peculiar of every widow to be housewifely, comfortable and caring!

Very often widow is critical at a workplace. And no matter if she works for a huge company or renders services for customers in a small shop at a corner, signs up contracts with foreign investors and manages a household, offers her ideas or embodies someone else’s ideas. It is not a job that affects an image of a young widow. She herself becomes an ornament of a workplace. Industriousness and orderliness, wit and sobriety, kindness and sympathy – that is really important. It’s an art of being a lady.

…A lady lives inside every young widow. It’s their sense of self not depending on fashion, carrier, social status and well-being. It’s a picture drawn by them with paints of love and wit on the background… Anyway, the background has no meaning…